Seoheroid.comSeo Hero News Update 2: Website Disappear From Google SERP, after 2 week optimization got ranking on page #15 with seo hero keyword. but after then, our entry website has been lost and decreased ranking. maybe our website get deindex from google search with phrase keyword “seo hero“. sadly, but this is challenge on each seo contest competition. after 1 week analysis with many seo tools research. we found many seo spam backlink on our seo hero wix website, especially from blog commenting with no related content. we think our website hit by google penguin algorithm, because if we check on with phrase “seo hero”, our main domain disappear from search index and google only index url tag and another article .

Google Deindex

Google Deindex

are we scared or angry ? of course not. we just laugh and smile. this is the real challenge, how we solve negative keyword detection as spam seo backlinks and get our ranking come back to the higher ranking position.

we analysis all backlink and then we doing disavow tools to detox link toxic from our website. you can read our seo tips content about How To Solve Negative Keyword Seo Spam Using Disavow Tools ?

What we learn from deindex case by google  ? we learn google algorithm penguin is still work, and search engine still fight for spam content and spam link. so beware about your link building seo technique. this is why the reason we join on wix seo hero contest challenge. because google is fun, we challenge the robot, we challenge the machine. but they are smart intelegence robot. optimize keyword is still important but, we create good content not only for google bot, we create content also for human visitor. if your visitor likes your website content, google bot will be placing your website in higher ranking on top serp result. once again content is the king and SEO is the queen because SEO is fun.

Seo Hero News Update 2: Website Disappear From Google SERP