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Link Building With Blog Commenting it is Spam ? – Link Building With Blog Commenting it is Spam ? One of Seo Technique in Seo Hero Using This Method to increase higher ranking in Google SERP. Matt Cutts is talking this scenario in his latest webmaster help video from Google. source

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines discourage forum signature links but what about links from comments? Is link building by commenting against Google Webmaster Guidelines? What if it’s a topically relevant site and the comment is meaningful?

So what happen if we want to using blog commenting to optimize our website Seo Hero ?

Simple, you must commenting on related and relevant website and of course using your real name not keyword. as we know many blog commenting give backlinks to our website with rel nofollow tag. it’s mean google not counting our links from blog comment.

Looked as spam links ? of course if we using this methode for main link building seo  technique.

Matt Cutts says having a large portion of those backlinks coming from blog comments, it can raise red flags with Google and for long time your website get penalty.

If your primary link building strategy is to leave comments all over the web, to the degree that you have a huge fraction of your link portfolio comments, and no real people linking to you, then at some point that can be considered a link scheme. At a very high level we reserve the right to take action on any sort of deceptive or manipulative link schemes that we consider to be distorting or rankings.

this website using blog commenting also ? yes you right but remember, We are not always using keyword “Seo Hero” for blog commenting, but also using real name, and sometimes real name website like as the keyword.

why do you doing that ? because We want to proving, how far blog commenting considered spam by google and how effective penguin algorithm google work now. and we must know restriction percentage link from blog commenting. Only on Seo Contest we can doing all experiment about seo this is a real reason.

Beside that, to compensate for dofollow backlinks, we also need nofollow backlinks. remember on Wix Seo Hero Contest Challenge. we just having times 4 month to optimize our website (this website just have times 3 month because we know seo contest news in last minute before registering website has been closed).

We challenging wix official website registered on year 1995 and have Pagerank 8! imagine how do you can beat this website with have domain authority and page authority bigger than new register domain we have ? as you know our register website is new, repeat again website is new! it’s mean if your website just get dofollow links with large number in short time, your website will be get penalty. the worse situation is your website get deindex from Google SERP and sandboxing.  this is our experience optimizing website.

Once again, Link Building With Blog Commenting it is Spam ? it’s up to you, the answer is yours. We hope you wisely use these seo techniques in Wix Seo Challenge.



Wix SEO Hero Contest Challenge

Seoheroid.comWix SEO Hero Contest Challenge what it’s mean ? You Must Optimize Keyword “Seo Hero” On Your Website, get Highest ranking on SERP Google and Winning Prize $50,000.

How To Join ?

Create a website in English about the SEO or something relevant. Optimize it with the search term “SEO Hero” in Google and beat Wix official website. Please remember your domain must be registering after November 16, 2016. Using old domain or buy expired domain not allowed to join contest.

Why Only One Prize $50,000 to One Champion Hero?

Perhaps, Seo Hero Contest Organizer want to choosing best seo website, we hope, their change rules about the prize. with 1,2, 3 champion in this seo competition

Wix SEO Hero Scam?

I don’t know, We hope it’s not. but if this seo contest scam, this contest already summoned all seo practitioner around the word to join this contest.

Can We Defeat Official Wix Seo Hero Contest Challenge Website ?

Of Course, nothing is impossible by google

How To Optimize Website on Google Rank ?

Google ! Many Article News, Website and blog Talk About This.

Can We Using Blackhat SEO ?

Nope, The judge will be disqualified your website from Wix Seo Contest Challenge. please use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guideline

Please Tell Me Official Website SEO Hero Contest ?

Organizer :

Url : and

Wix Seo Hero Contest Challenge

Wix Seo Hero Contest Challenge








Super Hero Final Piala AFF Thailand vs Indonesia

Seoheroid.comSuper Hero Final Piala AFF Thailand vs Indonesia, forget for a moment wix seo hero contest. today is beautiful moment for our country indonesia. because our team (Timnas Indonesia) will be fight final battle with thailand. Indonesian national team will struggle to become champion, after waiting until 25 Years.

Indonesian national team preparing to live action paramount to face Thailand in the final of the second leg of AFF Cup 2016 at Rajamangala Stadium, Bangkok, on Saturday (17/12/2016). Red and White teams last time a winner in the international arena in the SEA Games 1991.

Victory 2-1 Indonesian national team in the first leg of AFF Cup final in 2016 in Pakansari Stadium, Cibinong on Wednesday (14/12/2016) gave a fresh breeze. Tim Alfred Riedl likened halfway to could be the best team in the region for this year.

On the stage AFF Cup, Indonesia has never been to be best team. At best, only limited achievements runner-up in the 2000 edition, 2002, 2004, and 2010.

Thailand coach, Kiatisuk Senamuang was determined to turn things around at home while securing their fifth title along participating in the AFF Cup. So, whether the Indonesian national team will be able to grab the first title in the AFF Cup 2016?

Here is the scenario Indonesia Being a champions

1. Indonesia draw against Thailand with a score regardless.
2. Indonesia able to beat Thailand
3. Win through extra time or on penalties when Thailand won 2-1
4. Indonesia defeated by a margin of one goal out 0-1. For example, lost 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, and so on

So Who Will Winning and Be a Hero In This Competition ? Let We See Together

Greetings eagle on my chest


Timnas Indonesia

Welcome Seo Hero Wix Seo Contest

Welcome Seo Hero Wix Seo Contest

Just To Know a little bit about this contest today. This Website Create To Join Seo Contest From Wix. I buy this domain in last minute before registration has been closed. (registration domain today).

I’m late after 1 month, so I hope I can Optimizing This Website.

About Content Website I will update regularly soon.